New Year and New Adventures

Well 2020 is finally here and after a hectic end of 2019 I’m looking forward to see where the new year takes this project. This blog started as a place where I can show people some of the places I’ve ridden to, some lessons that I learned, and about some gear that a budget conscious rider might be interested in. It seems that most blogs or motovlog’s these days seem to forget about the new rider whose trying to figure out the difference between a carbureted thumper and an EFI bike or if a pair of hiking boots is acceptable to wear while riding. If I can help a new rider avoid some of the mistakes that are out there then I guess you can say it’s a win. I’m hoping that I’m able to engage this project a lot more frequently and may experiment with video since I’m finally done with school and my family is settled at our new home in South Carolina after a whirlwind move from Minnesota.

After two and half years it was time for the sun to set on Minnesota

Speaking of South Carolina, I’m now in an area where I can pretty much ride all year long and I don’t have to worry about winterizing the KLR which is amazing. Is it Colorado with its expansive wilderness and breath taking vistas or Minnesota with its endless miles of gravel farm roads and river valleys well no but South Carolina is an interesting place to ride. In a short amount of time I’ve discovered the joys of riding around the small coastal islands and I’ve barely scratched the surface of the Francis Marion National Forest. Overall, the South Carolina Low Country has been a fun area to ride but there’s a lot more to explore. A few short hours away is the Appalachian Mountains where I briefly rode through on my cross country trip. Western North Carolina and South Carolina have some amazing scenery and rides and I can’t forget the northern parts of Georgia as well as Tennessee. Hey Backcountry Discovery Routes this seems like a great BDR to develop and if you need help please look me up. Out here in the Southeastern Atlantic region the possibilities are endless.

Pretty crazy what riding in December looks like in Minnesota compared to South Carolina

While 2019 was a pretty good year I’m looking forward to see what 2020 brings. I have some new gear to test and review and I already have a gear review article that’s about to launch fairly soon. I also need to sit down and write about my cross country trip from Minnesota to South Carolina so everyone can see how the best laid plans can go right out the window and how to rebound from some of the issues that I faced. As for the future of the KLR that’s still up in the air. As good of a bike that it’s been and all that it’s taken me through I’ve started to realize its short comings more and more. I’m not saying that I’m certainly going to be moving away from it but I have been researching other options that are bigger with more technology and more enjoyable to ride over longer distances.

The KLR in Cumberland Gap on an epic cross country trip

So here’s to 2020 and the adventures will go on and who knows what will find out there.

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