Boots On The Ground

When I first got started into adventure motorcycling I knew that having the correct gear was paramount for safety and protection. Previously when I rode dirt bikes I always wore the proper safety gear however, when I got into adventure motorcycling I noticed that a lot of the gear was totally different especially footwear. Enduro and Motocross boots are normally made of high end plastic or composite materials that are incredibly stiff and are loaded with buckles and straps to protect and support the ankle and lower leg in the event of an accident. While these boots serve their purpose and serve it very well they often have issues with ventilation and long term comfort.

Does a company make a boot for adventure riding on a budget?

Here’s where boots for adventure riding come in. Many of the same companies that make some of the best enduro and motocross boots in the industry also make boots for adventure riding. Companies such as Forma, Sidi, Alpinestar, and TCX have developed boots that have many of the same qualities as their endure and motocross boots but in a boot that is waterproof, doesn’t retain to much heat, and can be worn comfortably for several hours a day. While this is great for the industry their is one draw back, price. While a quality product is worth every penny it can sometimes limit what a budget conscious rider can afford. Because of this affordability sometimes riders decide to wear riding boots that don’t always provide the best protection. Here’s where Thor Industries comes into play. Thor Industries is a company that made it’s name developing and selling safety products for the motocross scene over the last thirty years. Around 2015 Thor decided to develop a boot that could be worn for adventure motorcycling as well as some light off road applications. The company came out with the Blitz LS which was an ankle boot that had a nice strong toe box, mesh interior, and reinforced plastic buckles. The idea behind the Blitz LS was to give riders that extra protection and comfort with out breaking the bank. When I purchased the Thor Blitz LS’s from Revzilla they ran roughly $120 dollars which was quite the bargain compared to boots from European companies.

The Thor Blitz LS

Now the Blitz LS has some great features but it is a bargain boot and their are some cons about them. They are fairly heavy and the soles are built more for road use and don’t provide the best grip on foot pegs especially in wet or muddy conditions. While they do breathe through their mesh interior they can get quite hot when riding in a warm climate or on a hot summer day. Lastly, theirs the plastic buckles, some people love plastic buckles and some hate them. However, their are positives about the Blitz LS’s. These boots are incredibly durable, I wore mine for three years and roughly 20,000 miles and they took everything I threw at them from single track in Colorado to fire road riding in Tennessee. I never had issues with the plastic buckles breaking or catching on brush or a rock and they never stretched or wrapped over time. Through downpours and wet conditions they never leaked and they kept my feet nice and dry. I did throw some Scotch Guard on them last year to bolster their waterproofing and it worked like a charm. For the price I paid for them I certainly got my money’s worth.

My Thor LS’s after three years of hard use

After three years of hard riding the budget Thor Blitz LS’s held up and took everything I threw at them. They weren’t always the best boot for the job and they did have some limitations but they worked. For an adventure motorcycle rider whose new to that style of riding or someone whose working on a budget the Thor Blitz LS is a pretty solid boot that offers protection and some strong features without breaking the bank. Many online retailers sell them such as Revzilla who has a great return policy if you have issues with the sizing. Speaking of sizing mine fit perfectly and I no issues overtime with the interior materials breaking down which can cause fitment issues overtime. For the budget conscious rider I highly recommend the Thor Blitz LS’s as an entry boot for adventure riding.

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