Double Take Mirrors

One of the biggest complaints about the KLR 650 as well as other single cylinder dual sports is vibrating mirrors. The KLR’s stock mirrors are ok in terms of mirrors from the factory but they do leave a lot of room for improvement. For many KLR owners one major complaint is that the field of view is difficult to adjust and doesn’t give the rider a good view of what’s going on behind them. The other big complaint is the vibration from the engine causes the mirrors to vibrate so much that the rider can’t even see through the mirror at all. Lastly, the KLR is a dualsport that’s meant to be ridden offroad and when it comes to durability the stock mirrors don’t hold up to well to strikes from branches or brush. Given the flaws one can see why they are quickly replaced.

The stock KLR mirrors are…ok however they don’t have the best fields of view and sometimes they can vibrate quite a bit

To remedy these issues a company based out of Colorado developed the Double Take Mirror. The Double Take Mirrors are made out of a high quality nylon polymer from RAM Mounts and is pretty much indestructible. Due to this heavy duty construction the mirrors don’t vibrate on a KLR and they also have the ability to fold in if your going down trails where they could get hung up on branches. In areas where normal mirrors would fall apart or shatter due to a strike from a rock or branch the Double Take’s deal with the abuse and ask for more.

Unboxing the Double Take mirror’s for my 2011 KLR

The replacement and install of mirrors on a KLR is fairly straight forward and took me roughly 20 minutes to knock out, however I did spend quite a bit of time adjusting the mirrors to where they worked best for me. The instructions from Double Take are easy to read and everything is labeled and makes the install of thier mirrors a simple task.

The Double Take Adventure Mirrors installed on my KLR

The Double Take Mirrors that I installed on my KLR were thier Adventure series that are 5 1/2 inches wide and are listed as their most stable. You can purchase the mirrors from Double Takes website or on thier Amazon page and they roughly run around $130 USD. For the price your getting a superior product that can take quite a bit of abuse and eliminates a lot of the issues with the stock mirrors. If you do have any issues or need replacement parts Double Take can help with that as well. Overall I’ve the Double Take Mirrors on my KLR for over three months and they performed as advertised and is one of the modifications that I highly recommend for KLR owners.

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