Sorry I haven’t been on here lately but I’ve had quite a bit going on which is the reason why I’m writing this entry on my iPad. For those that follow me on social media you know that my family is relocating from the frozen north of Minnesota to a much warmer and sunnier climate in coastal South Carolina. In the last two months my wife and I packed and sold our house and have begun our trip to our new home state. As hard as I tried I can’t take some of the profit and use it for a new KTM 790 or Honda Africa Twin…wife overruled on that one probably for good reason. However not all is gloom and doom.

Well after two and half years it’s time for the sun to set on my time in Minnesota

Starting the first week of September I’m flying back to Minneapolis to close on my house and then I’m riding the KLR to South Carolina via the scenic route. I’m cutting down the Great River Road alongside the mighty Mississippi River and then cutting through Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on Highway 40. This is almost all slab riding and an area where I will have to pound as many miles as I can before I hit my main target. Once I get into Pennsylvania I’m jumping on the Mid Atlantic Backcountry Discovery Route and riding down the Appalachian Mountains. Once I reach the end of the MABDR I plan on jumping on the Trans America Trail and riding east through Tennessee and North Carolina before riding along the coast to South Carolina. This will be the most ambitious and longest trip I’ve ever done before and should roughly come out to 3,000 miles which I hope to knock out in 10 days.

An epic adventure of roughly 3,000 miles in ten days that will be 60 percent pavement and 40 percent

So stay tuned to my social media presence as I try to keep you guys updated on this epic adventure. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll showcase what gear is on my bike and what I’m wearing for riding gear. Buckle up because this is going to be an amazing ride.

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