Every Day Essentials That I Carry On My Bike

Over the last couple of months I received some comments as well as messages on some of my social media platforms on what I carry on my bike for every day riding. Since it seems like many riders especially newer ones are interested in what I carry I figure that this would be a great topic to write about.

What do I carry on my bike for day to day riding?

Starting at the front of my bike I have an older model of the Wolfman Enduro tank bag. Personally, I think the Wolfman Enduro as well as the Nelson-Rigg Trails End tank bags are the perfect size for many adventure motorcycles since they aren’t bulky like many other tank bags and they fit the contours of a fuel tank much better. I received my Enduro as a Christmas gift from my wife about three years ago and its been mounted on my old Kawasaki KLR 650 and its currently mounted on my Triumph Tiger. The Enduro has quite a bit of storage inside and it has several pouches and pockets that are great for organizing items. Inside, I have my registration and insurance in a small waterproof pouch which came with the bag. I also carry an iPhone charging cord and an Optimate Dual USB Charger which works with European DIN power ports that BMW’s, Triumph’s, and Ducati’s can come with. Some other items that reside in my tank bag are hand sanitizer, a Benchmade Crooked River Knife, and a small survival pouch that I developed years ago when I was in the Army. Even with all of these items their is still plenty of room to add things like maps, snacks, an energy drink, and sun glasses. On top of my tank bag I usually carry a map of the area that I’m riding in an attached waterproof pouch.

The contents from tank bag

Mounted on the back of my bike is an older model of the Wolfman Wolftail tail bag. A couple of months ago I did a pretty in depth review of this tail bag and I really enjoy it. Even though the older models have been phased out the newer version as well as the Peak Tail have some new features that can hold quite a bit. Since the Wolftail has several large pockets I’ve been able to pack them based on my needs. The largest of the pouches has my Kriega tool roll along with some extras such as zip ties and a small roll of duct tape. The Wolftail’s side pouches are where I have some stuff that can be useful on the trail in an emergency such as a small first aid kit, a flashlight, and a reflective belt. The main portion of my tail bag is mostly empty however I do carry a cheap rain suit in there just in case and some camera gear. Now if I’m going on a ride and plan on eating lunch on the trail I can easily pack a small folding chair along with my camp kitchen and some food.

Daily essentials from my tail bag

Overall, this is what I’ve found to be handy for daily riding and to some it might seem a lot however, I’d rather have something and not need it then be stuck somewhere and not have my tool kit or first aid kit if an injury arises. This set up has worked well for commuting which I do roughly three to four days a week as well as exploring the areas in the local National Forest and the Wildlife Management Areas.


  1. I’d love to hear more about the individual elements of your kit. Can you expand on the survival pouch and tool roll contents? What items are in those now and what didn’t make the cut? Are you using an off the shelf first aid kit or have you modified one to make it more moto-useful?
    There you go, three future blog post ideas!

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