Wolfman Luggage’s Wolf Tail

Packing and storing gear on a dual sport motorcycle or adventure motorcycle can be a challenge at times especially when one is looking for luggage that can take the abuse of sitting in blazing hot sun or getting whipped by branches when riding off road. Several companies make luggage for motorcycles however very few make luggage with off road travel in mind. This is where Wolfman Luggage comes into play. Wolfman Luggage began making products as a family run company in the off road riding mecca of Colorado over 25 years ago. As time has gone on Wolfman has refined and developed products that range from Rolie Bags to their Expedition Series to the new RF welded waterproof bags.

The Triumph Tiger with the Wolfman Enduro tank bag and Wolf Tail tail bag

When I had my Kawasaki KLR I knew that I needed some high quality soft luggage that could be used on back country adventures but could also be useful for daily commuting. The Kawasaki OEM tail bag was ok however it did have some limitations for size and it’s side pockets were pretty small plus the zippers weren’t the greatest either. Considering how much luck I had in the past with Wolfman’s Enduro tank bag I became interested in Wolfman Luggage’s Expedition line and the M303 Wolf Tail.

The M303 Wolf Tail with the expandanding gusset

The Wolf Tail is sized pretty well as a tail bags are concerned and has roughly 19 liters of storage space. The main part of the bag has an expanding gusset that increases the main storage space to 24.5 liters. In here I’ve been able to fit my laptop for work as well as enough to survive on a quick 1 day trip. On the sides and as well as the back their are three large pockets that have 1.5 liters of space which is perfect for storing tool kits, first aid pouches, or water bottles. It has an adjustable bungee hook system to fit pretty much any bike out there and it comes with durable YKK zippers. Another nice feature is the elastic tie down on the top of the bag that can easily secure a small roll bag. The Wolf Tail is made out of tough Cordura nylon material and can take a fair amount of abuse however it isn’t 100 percent waterproof. To remedy that Wolfman does make water proof liners and covers for the Wolf Tail and other bags from the Expedition line.

The side and rear pockets have a large amount of space to hold tool kits and water bottles

I’ve had the Wolf Tail for over four months and it’s done very well in both off road riding and the commuting role. However as I write this Wolfman has release an updated version of the Wolf Tail that is made out of a nylon laminate that increases its durability while being waterproof. The new Wolf Tail is part of Wolfman’s “Next Gen” line of products that don’t need waterproof liners or covers. That being said the original Wolf Tail is still a fantastic bag and I highly recommend it along with the older Expedition line which can still be found at most online motorcycle accessory suppliers.

Wolfman Luggage looks great on my 2014 Triumph Tiger

The great thing that I love with my Wolfman luggage is that I was able to switch it from my Kawasaki KLR to my Triumph Tiger. On the KLR the Wolf Tail was a perfect companion to my Happy Trails panniers and now on the Tiger it adds some additional space since my Givi saddle bags don’t have as much storage capacity compared to panniers. Overall I’ve been very happy with my Wolfman Luggage and have had no complaints with any of their products at all and I highly recommend them for someone whose looking for some top notch durable luggage.

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