Three Camp Pillows That Are Perfect For Moto Camping

For many moto campers having something to lay their head on at night has usually been a folded-up riding jacket and while it can be comfortable at times it’s not usually the best option. Luckily in the last couple of years several backpacking companies such as REI Co-Op, Snugpak, and Sea to Summit have brought small comfortable camp pillows to the market. These pillows are made with different types of materials and range in prices from $15 to $40 dollars and not to mention they are very compact. It’s incredibly easy to pack one into a pannier or saddle bag and have plenty of room left over.

The first camp pillow that I’ll discuss is the REI Co-Op Trailbreak foam pillow. Weighing in at 10 ounces and with a surface area of 18 by 14 inches the Trailbreak has a lot of comfort in a small size. The Trailbreak is made from leftover pieces of REI’s self-inflating sleeping pads which helped REI keep costs down plus its environmentally friendly. The REI Co-Op Trailbreak was the first pillow that I purchased for moto camping several years ago and it’s held up fairly well with plenty of use left in it. With a price point of $20 dollars, it’s a great option for moto camping however if there is a flaw it’s the fact that it doesn’t store and compress as well as some other options on the market.

The REI Co-Op Trailbreaker

Coming in second on my list is the Snugpak Base Camp Air Pillow. This pillow is a tough durable pillow that is actually issued to some military units around the world and one that I personally used in Iraq. The Base Camp is inflatable and allows the user to adjust it to their personnel preference. One of the biggest advantages of the Base Camp is how small it is when it’s folded up and it comes with a nice little storage bag. Fully inflated the pillow has a surface area of 18 by 10 inches and fully compressed it folds up to a miniscule 4 by 4 inches. Price wise the Snugpak Base Camp comes in at $19 dollars and has the perfect blend of price, comfort, and pack size.

The Snugpak Base Camp

The last pillow on my list is the Snugpak Snuggy. This pillow is a lightweight compact pillow that is a good alternative to an inflatable pillow. The Snuggy has a surface area of 14 by 10 inches and weighs in at 7 ounces making it the lightest pillow on this list. With a unique built-in stuff sack the Snuggy folds into itself with a pack size of 11 by 7 inches. In terms of comfort the Snuggy is a very soft pillow and personally it’s way to small and soft for my preference however with a price of $15 dollars it is nice on the wallet.

The Snugpak Snuggy

All three of these pillows are great options for moto camping since they are fairly compact and easy to stuff into a saddle bag or pannier.  In terms of budget these pillows range in price from $15 to $20 dollars and are a great value and addition to any moto camping kit.

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