Moto Camp Nerd

One of the most frustrating things when moto camping is finding gear that is lightweight yet durable and also compact.  Usually, you have to pick two out of the three and then you have to throw in the financial factor.  Lately it seemed like there was a lot of trial and error when it came to trying to find the best camping kit that worked for a rider’s needs.  While places like REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods offer a great assortment of camping equipment sometimes it can be challenging trying to figure out what will fit in a pannier or on a luggage rack.  This is where Moto Camp Nerd comes in. 

Like many of us Ben Williams, had the same issues with developing a camping kit that was built around moto camping.  Overtime, Ben decided to take the lessons and skills that he learned from numerous moto camping adventures to start up an online camping store that’s derived around motorcycles. Ben painstakingly takes the time to measure everything from sleeping bags to tent poles to camp chairs. Once he has this information he creates some outstanding videos on Moto Camp Nerd’s YouTube channel and will showcase the product by displaying its size and how it fits in a pannier or saddle bag. One of the things that I love about Moto Camp Nerd is the type of products that they carry. They carry several high end brands such as Big Agnes, Sea to Summit, and Snugpak and they are affordably priced.

A load out of Snugpak gear on Ben’s Triumph Bonneville

With a winter rally on the South Carolina Adventure Route rapidly approaching I decided to bolster my camping kit with a new Snugpak camp pillow and a Snugpak Travelpak blanket. Both of these Snugpak products come exactly as advertised as quality camping gear that’s nice and compact. Since I was using a new Wolfman Luggage rackless system I was a lot more limited on space then I normally would be. Both the Snugpak pillow and blanket along with my sleeping bag fit in a large rolle bag with no issues at all. Since I’m writing a product review on the Snugpak products at a future date I’ll leave out how they held up but I will say that the Travelpak blanket was very handy one night when the temps dropped to 37 degrees.

My Snugpak pillow and Travelpak blanket out in their element

Wrapping up, I’m glad that Ben has taken the time to develop a business around moto camping which in itself is very challenging and when you throw in the pandemic and all of the logistics and financial issues its a very daunting task. Moto Camp Nerd provides so much to those who are into adventure motorcycling and moto camping in ways that most big box online stores can’t match. From the YouTube product showcases to taking the time to ensure that a tent or sleeping bag can fit in a pannier its pretty amazing what is being accomplished. If anyone out there is new to moto camping and needs to build a camping kit or if you need to pick up some new gear to supplement your existing kit then Moto Camp Nerd is the place to check out and to save some money use the coupon code StrykerADV to get 10 percent off your order.

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